Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Plano ! Densetsu, Sushi in the Suburbs!

Surrounded by so many great restaurants in New York, I forget that my little hometown in Texas could have tasty food too...especially when it's located in a suburban strip mall near Wal-mart in Plano.

Densetsu is an absolute Japanese gem with clean, simple decor and bonafide Japanese chefs behind the bar. Their leather bound menu features two glorious pages of seaweed wrapped, soy paper wrapped, and tempura battered and fried (yeah, I said it!) sushi roll options, offering something for everyone, both cooked and raw fish eaters alike. 


We ordered three rolls to share, which might seem like a paltry amount for two, but these rolls were definitely quite immense and filling.

The golden special roll is a lightly battered, deep fried spicy tuna, crab, avocado roll served with house special sauce. I've had deep fried rolls before at Asian Mint in Dallas, but where theirs is craggy and thick with batter, Densetsu's is light but sufficiently crisp--delightful!

The dynamite roll is a California roll topped with creamy scallop, baby lobster (read: crawfish) and mushrooms, served with eel sauce.  Served in a bowl, this dish was messy to the max, smothered with thick cream and the tiniest bits of scallop; the sauce soaked completely through each roll which melted in your mouth, if you could ever get it out of the plate without completely destroying it. 

Densetmu might need to consider serving this dish with a spoon to help scoop the pieces out.  Messy or not, it was delicious and worth the extra effort.

The crispy rice spicy tuna roll was constructed of a crisped cube of rice topped with spicy tuna, avocado and a thin slice of jalapeno, perched in a pool of the house special sauce.  The roll was not greasy, and the jalapeno gave it a perfect spicy kick.

I do declare that this sushi order was pretty perfect in terms of flavors, styles and amount.  I love sushi rolls, so any place that demonstrates a bit of creativity has my complete heart, and stomach.

And of course, if you give me complimentary orange slices post-meal...well then you have me for life.

Densetsu, I am excited to have you in my hometown neighborhood! This place is a must-eat for anyone dying for some fun and delicious sushi in dear old Plano.

4152 W Spring Creek Pkwy
Ste 176

Plano, TX 75024
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  1. I love going out for sushi - these rolls look really fantastic. There's a strip mall sushi restaurant in Atlanta that makes excellent sushi and it's cheap, too!

  2. these are so beautiful!! must take my mama there :)

  3. OMG!! I totally love this place.. Sushi is yum & fresh!!