Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Rather Delicious Brunch at Diner in Brooklyn

Things I love in NYC brunches:

1. Fun, hip scene
2. Great scrambled eggs
3. Celebrity sightings

With Greeshma in town this past weekend, we hit up Diner, located at the southern tip of Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

I had seen Anthony Bourdain eat a rather tasty piece of bone marrow there for dinner, but the place is also known for dishing up a rather fine brunch.

The spot is very stereotypical Brooklyn, the chef slinging rustic-gourmet style cuisine in an aged broken-in diner with worn woods and crackling paint.  The menu is very minimal with just a handful of items like "Scone, Pancakes, Omelette, Country Breakfast and Cheeseburger" listed.  The waiter then takes a seat to explain the daily variations of each item in addition to writing some of the daily specials on the paper tablecloths.  The specials of today included chicken sandwiches, a plate with a sunny side egg and griddled ham and beet salad.

Greeshma ordered the "sausage" special which featured a cracked pepper topped sunny side egg nestled on top of a warm summer succotash and housemade pork sausage.  It was fresh and perfect for a vegetable loving girl such as herself.

I opted for the country breakfast that came decked out with a biscuit slathered with raspberry jam and basil butter, a grilled peach, one housemade sausage patty, a handful of fried okra slivers and a fat pile of golden scrambled eggs.

Two more life conclusions from this meal.  One: peaches should always come grilled (unless they are placed into a pie and then shoved into a cup of ice cream).  Two: okra should always be fried.  Goodness them sides are fine!

I am not a huge raspberry person, but the basil butter added a nice element of fun flavor.
After finishing the fantastic scrambled eggs (seriously top three contender?!), I then noticed Rose Byrne, a la Damages and most recently Bridesmaids, sitting in the corner of the restaurant.

She was with a full host of friends in rigorous conversation.  Fun side perk to a terrific brunch!

I am going to have to come back for dinner and eat that bone marrow.

85 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11211-6005
(718) 486-3077


  1. Have I mentioned that for the three years I paid rent in Williamsburg, I actually lived with my boyfriend in Manhattan? Very sad. I'm pretty sure I took advantage of that brunch scene exactly ONCE. (At Roebling Tea Room, which I loved.)

    Anyway, basil butter?! Yes, please.

  2. i am eating a salad right now, so you can IMAGINE how much i am hating on you...


    i agree... basil butter?! grilled peach, biscuit, amazing eggs... AND rose byrne?! i still need to see bridesmaids.

  3. Those biscuits do look terrific. I'd be curious to find out what your top 3 scrambled eggs are. There's little better than soft scrambled eggs in my opinion.

  4. Sara, the best scrambled eggs are at Shopsins. The second and third contenders are a tough choice, but Clinton St, Gottino and Diner are all up there!