Sunday, September 11, 2011

Last Ode to Summer Smorgasburg's Landhaus, Good Batch, Nana Bananas and Gimme Coffee!

In my effort to catch up on everything that I have eaten this summer, my heart looks fondly upon this set of photos from my last summer visit to the Smorgasburg where we all tried a few new things:

Landhaus maple glazed bacon: grilled on the flattop, dusted with paprika and drizzled with maple syrup
Landhaus lamb burger with the fixings

Oozy, messy beyond belief and quite good.  Not very gamey!! Quite juicy!
Grilled peach buttered corn on the cob.  I forget who was dishing this up, but they were next to Landhaus.  The peach notes were not too strong, but the butter sure was!  You won't need any lip balm to keep your lips moist after gnawing on this cob.
Market Share brings a variety of local artisan goods.
I grabbed the "Doc," a root beer flavored ice pop.
Strong emphasis on the ice.  This sucker was frozen way solid.  I wish it was creamier and softer.
Meat Hook was offering pig head parties, good for six people who want to sit around and eat the meat/fat off a pig head.  Some big Filipino ladies were totally diggin' that kind of face-fest.
Grilled peaches topped with coconut cream and basil? herbs? from Bite Size Kitchen.  Solid.  (Grilled peaches - you can't eff that up!)
Thanan wolfed down the takoyaki balls from the Takoyaki stand.  He ate all of them but said he didn't like them as much as Otafuku.
Stroopwafel ice cream sandwcih from the Good Batch.  If these are still available at the Smorg, I would definitely recommend it.  The  spiced stroopwafels and the salted caramel drizzle were mmmmlicious.
The chocolate covered frozen banana dipping process at Nana's
Toffee is one of the variety of toppings you can select from with a variety of bright colored sprinkles

Toffee and sea salt banana - Nick thought it was a bit too much salt, but otherwise good.  Oh, Arrested Development memories!
Gimme Coffee! just opened up a new branch a half block away from my apartment.
Ice coffee latte
This is my new favorite ice latte in the city.  It's so creamy and doesn't quite taste like coffee.  Not sure if that's how it should be, but boy do I love it!

These pictures make me miss summer in the city!  Hopefully this winter will be a warm and fun one.

N7th & Kent

Roebling & N6th


  1. I'm loving all the sweet/salty combos here. I'm making it my mission to pursue salted caramel whenever possible.

  2. Ahhh, what a life you lead. That burger looks impossible to eat, and I WANT TO GET COVERED IN ITS JUICES. Not in a sexual way. But slightly.

  3. you know how i feel about grilled peaches... *gasp* !