Thursday, September 15, 2011

California ! Randy Doughnuts!

It's been awhile since we've talked doughnuts!  Let's take care of that!

In Diana and my ongoing quest to complete the Top 10 Doughnut Places in America, I managed to convince Greeshma on our past trip to California, to take me to Randy's Donuts immediately after my flight landed at LAX.  On these eating marathon trips, there simply is no time to waste!

Literally minutes away from LAX, Randy's Donuts is a bit of a national icon with its 32 foot tall namesake donut which has been featured in several movies and televisions shows, including Iron Man, The Simpsons and Arrested Development.

Lovely Greeshma in front of the donut landmark
Mid-afternoon, there were no line to be had at this 24-hour donut shop, so Greeshma and I were able to take our time to contemplate the menu and peer through the walk-up window at the racks and racks of doughnuts.

Racks and racks of doughnuts

Everything sounded great, so we just ordered a bunch willy nilly!

Of course, the classic glazed:


it was truly a classic glazed doughnut - every bit as yeasty as one should be with a thin sugary glaze, totally decent, but not as extraordinary as beloved Voodoo Doughnuts.

Crumb cake doughnut:

Easily my favorite with its streusel-topping and cinnamon-spice flavor.  That pretty dusting of powdered sugar surely helped win the vote also. 

The buttermilk:

Thick and heavy - this was one dense mutha.  Okay texture but just a bit filling.

The maple iced long john:

The layer of maple icing was mega thick, cloyingly sweet without much hint of natural maple sweetness. It had the aroma of maple syrup but just not the right taste.  The yeast base was the same as the classic glazed.

And finally the apple fritter:

An incredibly fried puck of apple bits mixed in glazed doughnut batter.  Okay flavor, but a bit hard for my liking.

It is clear that Randy's Donuts is an iconic doughnut spot dishing up old-fashioned, traditional doughnuts.  The ones we didn't care for might be best had with a fresh batch, but the classic glazed and crumb cake are solid choices to order when checking out this landmark doughnut shop.

805 West Manchester Avenue, Inglewood, CA 90301


  1. stop it. this post is making me drool like a madwoman. i need to try all of these!!

  2. There's little better than a light-as-air classic glazed doughnut in all its yeasty, crunchy sugar crust glory!

  3. I'm sorry, why do I have the blog called donuts4dinner if you're going to be the one who gets to eat these things all of the time? That apple fritter! WANT!