Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cookies @ Birdbath Bakery

I didn't really mean to buy these, but I keep walking by them on 1st Ave on my way to Xian, and finally, I had an excuse...I mean, when one has a flight, one needs to pack proper snacks right?

Introducing Birdbath Bakery, self-described as a neighborhood green bakery and brought to us by the City Bakery - home of the super thick but super popular hot chocolate.  Why are they green?  Well their walls are made of wheat, cups made of corn, and counters and shelves made of recycled paper.  With reclaimed wooden floors, they are legit!

I stepped inside, scanned the adorable stacks of cookies (cookies look so much more scrumptious in stacks, don't they?) and selected two.  When I got home, my bag was already slightly seeped with oil!  (Gross?  Or the sure sign of tell me!)

The quintessential chocolate chip:

It's quite a sturdy cookie, with a thick, crunchy exterior and very chewy interior that is satisfying but surprisingly not that sweet!  One could eat that whole round and not feel the slightest bit sick.  How's that for a food description? Ha!

The other cookie I nabbed was the double chocolate chip, polar opposites with the chocolate chip in both appearance and in texture.  While the former was sturdy and strong, this one was all sorts of fragile and crumbly, as you can tell by the surface cracks in the picture below.

And wouldn't you know it?  I like my cookies vulnerable!  (What does that say about me...I don't even know. Muahaha.)  This crumbly little chocolate mess was delicious!  Extra crunchy (yet still chewy!), extra buttery and the white chocolate chips added the right bit of sweetness.  It was immediately addictive.  I could've eaten the whole thing in one second.  

Birdbath, you are doing the environment and my stomach good!

223 1st Ave, NYC
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  1. Cookies look delicious! I had a muffin from here once (blueberry, I think) and it was delicious - the environmental benefits are pretty nice, too!