Friday, April 8, 2011

Carrie in NYC! Part 1 - Shopsins / Doughnut Plant

I think when anyone comes to visit me, Shopsins is a must. It's one of my most favorite restaurants in NYC (and in life, for that matter).  And the restaurant holds the true test of when someone is in fact my best friend: when they glance at the menu and immediately proclaim: "We must come back here."  Both Diana and Carrie have both passed that test. There are simply too many options to be captured by a single visit.

So, here's what we tried on this go-round!

S'mores french toast:

It's impossible not to like this gritty/graham cracker crusted french toast with melty/gooey marshmallow insides.  Impossible.  You will try to mouth the words, but the marshmallowmadness will prevent you from ever really uttering them.
The most brilliant/ingenious/amazing breakfast sandwich of all mankind (a.k.a. the Mo'Betta 2)

The most beautiful, heaping pile of scrambled eggs ever covering four glistening links of the most delicious, flavorful pork sausage links all sandwiched by two huge/fluffy/fat mac 'n cheese pancakes.  You can't describe this without making a run on sentence.  It's just the necessary evil one must take when hoping to share this breakfast beast with others.
I will know true love when it makes me feel like how I do when I look at this sandwich.  Y'namean?!
My classic breakfast special (wheat/scrambyeggs/bestporksausagelinksevvverrr):

Top of the top 5 best scrambled eggs ever (included this shot only for Diana's lust)

So light...eggy...moist...and...perfect!  Ugh!
And one of the top 5 breakfast potatoes one could hope to eat in life.  I know. What's up with all these tops?  Why don't you just tell me?  How does Shopsins do it?!

It's skin on potatoes smashed to tarnation, fried with sweet, caramelized onions and crisped, thick pieces of bacon.   (Confession: these may be just thick cut fries smashed up, in which case, they'd still be some of the best breakfast potatoes ever. :)
Carrie could not stop eating her plate, because it was just wrong not to finish it. I told her I ate more than I intended to, but that was a fat lie.  I intended every bite. 

And every visit to Shopsins is not complete without a visit to the Doughnut Plant.  Yes. You know. I've done it every damn time.  I am so predictable. have to walk it order to get more food to immediately put back on...(haha I think that's the kind of math/nonsensical logic I can get behind!).

Carrie is sooo cute.
Cake doughnuts are my faves, especially at the Doughnut Plant.  These beauties are showcased behind glass, like the works of art they are!
Special glazed yeast doughnuts with edible four-leaf shamrocks in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day (this post is totally dated, I know! I eat too much, I'm behind!)
A new cake doughnut for us to try!  Carrot cake doughnut bedecked deep orange bits of real carrot.
With a surprise ring of CREAMCHEEZICING. My eyes widened and nearly fell on the sidewalk when we made this realization.  Yes. SayWHAT X A bajillionzz.
Can I jump on this Doughnut Plant carrot cake doughnut bandwagon immediately please?  This is one of my top 5 favorite doughnuts in life now.  Potentially tied with the Doughnut Plant trademarked tres leches doughnut and behind the McMinnville Cream. Instant. Love. Life. Cinnamon. Cream Cheese. Carrot Cake. Yum. Bliss. Whatever. #suchabeautifulprivatemoment

Oh right. 
We had gotten some other doughnuts.
The square coconut cream doughnut that Ida had fallen in love with during her first visit, and  I finally got to try.
The crunchy coconut piece exterior wrapped around the coconut creamy interior.  Delightful doughnut that reminded me of Thai food and my mom's sticky rice all at once.
The tiny creme brulee that I insisted Carrie eat all by herself.  She loved the crunchy sugar top as much as I did.
The pudding center of the Blackout was just as good as the first time I had it.
Unfortunately, they had run out of tres leches on our visit, so Carrie could not experience it, but she has to look forward to something on our next visit to ShopsinscomboDoughnutPlant right?

120 Essex Street New York, NY 10002
(212) 924-5160
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379 Grand Street New York, NY 10002
(212) 505-3700
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  1. There are no words. Except...

    Why aren't carrot cake doughnuts everywhere? Why aren't mac and cheese pancakes everywhere? Why can't I live closer to all this?!

  2. i agree with sara, why aren't these things in my town?! gahhhhh. i literally am drooling on my computer. i am so thankful for that egg shot. perfect egg bliss!!

  3. I'm coming to NY to eat until I explode!!

  4. Tried to eat at Shopsin's and was greeted by an overweight asshole and what seemed to be his little sheep. Traveling to NY city for business and had been told to eat at Shopsins. It is a shame that they seemingly have such amazing food but are too self riteous and arrogant to actually let people enjoy it. I don't care if they are trying to keep the "right" clientele in there or not they are the people that give NY a bad name and make people from other areas not want to visit. I am upset that you are condoning it!