Sunday, April 17, 2011

Best Happy Hour Ever: Mermaid Inn

A couple years ago, George introduced me to the Mermaid Inn during their blue crab specials in the summer months.  It was delicious.  Especially the fries.  I am not sure what has taken me so long to return, but after this recent visit, I can't stop thinking about the place.  I am freakishly hooked on seafood at the moment (as evident by my recent visit to Boston with Diana - pics soon / eventually / gah!), so it's only fitting I show you the visit that's spurred the craze!

The Mermaid Inn has a special happy hour everyday (yes, weekends included!) from 5:30p-7p M-S, and 5p-7p on Sundays.  They happy hour menu includes $1 oysters (cue the angels!) in addition to fish tacos, fried oysters, shrimp corndogs and more.  (I know!  Why have I not come here sooner!)

George was kind enough to return to the Inn with me to sample their happy wares.

Butter <3
Poppy- and sesame seed studded cracker crisps are served in buckets for appetizers alongside creamy butter.  The butter was so good.

A dozen oysters were ordered, half from the East Coast and half from the West Coast (which do cost 75 cents more apiece).  I was enamored with the oysters Diana and I had eaten in Seattle, but the West Coast ones did not taste anything like them.  I would recommend getting the East Coasters and putting the extra 75 cents towards more East Coast ones.

The oysters were perfectly fresh, mildly briny and delicious.  The Westies tasted more metallic and sharp.

Some of my favorite fries in the city - thin, crispy hot fries dusted with Old Bay seasoning served in a kraft-paper lined cup.  

I could eat these by the buckets.

Han fact: If I see fried oysters on a menu, I must order them.  It's the right thing to do, and I like to do what is right!  

Served atop Old Bay remoulade sauce, the fried oysters were magic - thin, crunchy batter coating plump, tasty oysters.  

We ordered a pair of the fish tacos that arrived as pieces of blackened tilapia balanced precariously atop just-fried taco shells, with a dollop of smushy avocado.

The fish taco shell was so greasy but crunchy-licious.  I loved it.

The fish taco was fantastically flavorful with the cajun seasoning, and the fish was so moist.  George noted he could eat more of these.  Next time I will need to order at least 2/person, because 1 taco is seriously not enough.  (George was totally eyeing mine.)

We ordered one item from the regular dinner menu: the lobster & truffle mac 'n cheese.

Mac 'n cheeses are typically heavy and filling, but the Mermaid Inn's version is light while remaining cheesy and creamy.  I wish there was more toasted bread crumbs on top though because it's my favorite!  There was plenty of lobster pieces dispersed throughout as well.  Total yum and worth it.

The Mermaid Inn offers a blue plate special on some days (check their calendar) which includes a full lobster roll + fries + beer for $20.  Awesome deal.  Their $6 sliders on the HH menu are not a shabby option either! 

A healthy portion of lightly mayonnaised chopped lobster is served atop a generously buttered (and perfectly toasted) brioche bun.  So. Cute. So. Buttery.

George thought the recipe tasted different than the usual lobster roll, but I had no idea and loved every buttery, lobstery bite.  Put anything on a toasted butter bun, and I am an instant fan.

While everything we had was delicious / perfect / fresh / tasty, one must always save a tiny ounce of room for the best part of the meal...complimentary chocolate pudding cups!  Yes!  Because Mermaid Inn does not have a dessert menu, they give everyone a free cup of cool, creamy pudding at the end of the meal.

The pudding cups are served with a Fortune Teller fish - heat activated plastic in the shape of a fish that describes you depending on how the fish reacts to the heat in your hand.

I think this fish is telling me I am fickle.  Or hungry. For more oysters!

In looking at the website just now, I see that The Mermaid Inn now offers brunch on weekends with $1 oysters ALL DAY until 7p (Note: all day $1 oysters at the MacDougal location only).  Ohhh temptation!

multiple locations, but I do fancy the East Village one
96 2nd Ave
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  1. Everything about this place looks awesome! Cool post, and I can't wait to hear about Boston!

  2. i lovelovelove everything on here. that fried oyster looks ridiculously good! the fortune teller fish? so cute, i want one!