Monday, July 12, 2010

Egg, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Brooklyn Flea, The Meatball Shop

Our first Saturday was a full day that started off with adorable Egg.

We got some surprise popover doughnut fritters!

Would be tastier if it was warm, but I'll eat fried dough in any shape and form.

The Eggs Rothko.  I tried my hardest to order something else, but all I really wanted was this!

I think it's my job to show at least one picture of pork fat in every post.  This candied bacon will be that one.  My favorite kind of candy!

With some breakfast in our bellies, we headed to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden to walk off our fat (that somehow keeps pilin' on!) and enjoy the tail end of rose month at the gardens.  It really is a lovely refuge from the city, and bonus: the gardens offer free admission from 10a-12p every Saturday!

They have a beautiful room of old, historic bonsai trees over 100 years old.

This bonsai tree was my favorite.  Just hangin'.

Cooled off with some Martin's Ices outside of the Brooklyn Museum before our subway back into the city.  We got some sort of lime pineapple combination that really did not taste much like anything, but was cooling all the same

We took a short subway ride to our lunch destination - the beloved Brooklyn Flea !  I was finally going to try them huaraches I keep eyeing with every visit !

Tortillas are made fresh on-site and cooked on the griddle

Giant huaraches - it takes two full paper plates to hold them!  This one is chicken.

I think the real star at the Red Hook vendor stand is the pork.  Ridiculously spicy but oh so delicious.  This whole thing only costs $6!

Close up of the pork.  MMMM.  The spices washed away perfectly with some fresh watermelon juice.  Oh, mi amo, Brooklyn Flea.

Later we tried to meet up with some friends at a beer garden in Astoria, Studio Square, but only had time to toss back one pint before heading back into Manhattan to catch a show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade.

It seems New Yorkers love UCB, an improv and comedy house, but this was my second visit, and I still do not share the love for this venue.  The seating is strange, fleas were biting me the whole time from the musty seat cushions, and the improv I have seen twice now just ain't funny.  I'd be hard-pressed to come back again unless a known comedian was coming in town and performing a show, because the one bonus about this spot is the cheap covers ($5-$10).

After the excruciating show, The Friar's Club Improv and Sketch competition, we grabbed dinner at The Meatball Shop.  I haven't been at this place since it opened last year, but I am glad to be back!  The restaurant features checkbox menus that you write on with markers and fairly priced wines and beers.  You basically get to select the type of meatball (i.e., chicken, salmon, pork, etc.), the type of sauce you want on the meatball, and the way you want it served: in just a bowl, in a hero sandwich, smashed, or with a side.  It's a simple concept with great execution.

I prefer the hero sandwich, served on crusty but soft bread, three meatballs, choice of sauce and choice of cheese (fresh mozzarella FTW!).

Hero cross-section- this one has spicy pork balls with the spicy meat sauce and fresh mozz.

I ordered the newer offering on the menu (was not available when the restaurant had opened!) called the Meatball Smash - two meatballs smashed and smothered with sauce and cheese and served in a brioche bun.  Both sandwiches are accompanied by a simple arugula and granny apple salad.  You know I don't like salad much, but I really like this one, and so did J.

The Meatball Smash.

Just the right amount of everything.

For dessert, The Meatball Shop offers homemade cookie ice cream sandwiches made with homemade cookies and homemade ice cream.  You also get to select the cookies and ice cream for the sandwich. This one is a chocolate chip cookie + gingersnap cookie + vanilla ice cream.  The gingersnap cookie was my ultimate fave.

Saturday complete!

135 N 5th St
Brooklyn, NY
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900 Washington Avenue
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176 Lafayette
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84 Stanton Street
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