Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Calexico Cart and The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

The next day, J and I tried out a new food cart for me: Calexico Cart, the 2008 Vendy Awards winner, started by three brothers from Southern California and specializing in California style Mexican cuisine. 

They are known for their carne asada, a brilliantly marinated grilled skirt steak, but also offer chipotle chicken, pollo asada and a mean black bean burrito for you vegheads. 

But if you know me, and I hope you have begun to suspect already: I love me some marinated steak, so it was time to carne asada it up !

Nice organized system.  One brother mans the grill, the other takes orders and handles money.

I ordered a quesadilla, which is rolled here at Calexio Cart and pressed down on the hot grill (shown above)

My rolled quesadilla - unbelievably crispy on tthe outside and...

OOSHY GOOSHY on the inside in the most explosive cheesemelting way

and combine that with the most tender and flavorful steak, I have found my most favorite quesadilla in the entire world.  Exclamation mark, exclamation mark!

J ordered the carne asada burrito which had great heft and a beautiful, flaky tortilla

It came with seasoned rice, black beans, cheese, carne asada and an avocado sauce.  J, a forever Chipotle fan, gave the thumbs up to Calexico stating it was more flavorful, as in everything was more seasoned than Chipotle.

This is known as "crack sauce" and is served with the quesadilla, but you can also buy extra for $1 a container.  It tasted like a spicy mayonnaise a la sushi style, but went well with both the quesadilla and the burrito.  One container was enough for both of us to share (if you're watching your waistline, cause the pound of cheese is clearly fatfree)

After enjoying a stroll through Soho, I showed J the tail end of the Union Square farmer's market and took him by the beloved Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

J ordered the Monday Sundae, which typically features twist ice cream, but since they were out of chocolate, we got only vanilla, drizzled with dulce de leche, sprinkled with sea salt and served in a Nutella lined waffle cone.  J was in bliss.  He thought the salt combined with dulce de leche was wild and perfect.

I tried the Bea Arthur!  Vanilla soft serve topped with dulce de leche and covered in crushed Nilla wafers.

The Nilla wafers were so soft, and though I was completely covered in Nilla wafer crumbs afterwards, definitely enjoyed eating it!

Lunch complete!

Prince & Wooster

Typically at 17th & Broadway

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  1. that quesadilla. i mean, there are no words. how is it so beautiful?!?! and the ice cream!! i want a tub of it now. :)