Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Eating and cheering @ Seamus McDaniel's

Apologies for our time away! Here's something to keep you salivating while we catch up with life... Seamus McDaniel's! We went there a few weeks ago to watch the US v. England soccer match. (Doesn't that seem like forever ago?) We started with breaded mushrooms:

I was doubtful, but these are sooooo delicious. I could probably eat a whole order of these myself. They came piping hot (hence the steaming second picture), and the mushrooms were tender and flavorful. I also love the two sauces that come with - horseradish sauce and meat sauce. Putting a little bit of both on each morsel of mushroom is definitely the way to go.

I ordered the deluxe nachos, which came deconstructed.

This was kind of a pleasant surprise, because really, nobody likes soggy nachos. So this gave me the chance to spread the cheese out as I ate my meal. Generally, I thought the nachos were just okay - but probably because the cheese was a mixture of provel and cheddar, and I'm in the anti-provel camp. The chili was also a little too sweet for my taste. But others at my table really liked the nachos!

Jake got a burger, and I just had to show you a cross-section.

That looks pretty good to me! Hearty.

The following are some pics from Han's visit earlier this year. She's such a carnivore. That's why we love her.

As you can see, I went for the cod, and ohmigod. This was so tasty. The cod was sooo fresh and not fishy at all! The breading was also fantastic. But beware, if you want cod, you gotta go on a Friday. Oh, and the crinkly fries were pretty solid. Not amazing, but solid.

And I think I've saved the best for last.

That's right. The ginormous onion rings of delight. I included a 'normal' onion ring for size comparison. The huuuge onion rings were incredible - juicy, slightly sweet, crispy... everything you could ever want in an onion ring and more.

Seamus McDaniel's
1208 Tamm Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63139

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  1. those mushrooms look SO GOOD - love steamy photos :D

    deconstructed nachos are so key to balance of crunch and even distribution!

    and thanks for the reminder on the awesome onion rings!!