Friday, July 25, 2014

Prince St Pizza & Nicoletta

I love the vodka pizza from Rubirosa, but everyone else seems to love it too since there's always a 1-2 hour wait.  Why are waits like this okay, New York?!

But thank goodness for good ol' impatience which drove us to try something new in the same neighborhood - Prince St. Pizza.

The pizza parlor is about the size of a closet, based out of the famed, original-Original Ray's pizza, and maybe that's an indicator of why the pizza is just that more special.

The setup is simple.  Just trays of pizza on a couple of shelves.  Point at what you want.  There's more stuff scribbled on the chalkboard on the wall, but it's hard to read and all you really want (and everyone is eating in there) is the famed Soho square.

The Soho square comes in a few varieties - the signature Soho square with secret-recipe tomato sauce, 

and spicy pepperoni with fra diavolo sauce.  

They come on this thick square that looks so heavy at first glance, but is absolutely light to the touch.  The bottom just pure, crunchy perfection, fried while baking in the signature black iron pans. I wish I had a picture of the bottom, but both my hands couldn't let go of my slice until I finished stuffing the entire thing into my face.

The slogan is "No other square can compare," and it's absolutely true.  This is without a doubt my favorite square slice in Manhattan. 

After, we walked to East Village to try one of Mr. FoodandPants' favorite ice cream spots - Nicoletta.
While Nicoletta primarily serves pizza, the gelato has definitely given the restaurant more renown.

There's a handful of favorite combination options, though the dozen or so available toppings are free for you to mix-and-match on your own, as well.

The boy's concoction featured pistachio brittle, salted caramel and the richest, little chunks of brownies.

My peanut butter cup was full of crunchy chocolate chunks, hot fudge and peanut butter crumble that melted on the tongue into peanut perfection.

The gelato (fior di latte) is milkier and lighter than most places, which allows you to go that much more hogwild with your toppings.  The best thing about the sundaes here (besides everything) is that they really know how to construct it - making sure they put toppings on the bottom of the cup in addition to the top to ensure you get just enough deliciousness into every bite.  Now that's attention to detail!

Han's Nonsensical Rating:  All I can think about with Prince St. is the Seinfeld episode where Elaine says she hasn't a square to spare, and I don't either, because I just want to eat all the Soho squares at Prince St. Pizza and not leave you any.  It's too good, it's too crispy, the pepperonis have awesome burnt edges, and I need more !  And Nicoletta's sundaes are a good dessert spot if you want to eavesdrop on so many dates (and eat tasty ice cream).

Prince St. Pizza
27 Prince St, New York, NY
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Nicoletta on Urbanspoon 160 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003


  1. those adorable little cups!! i want them both.

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