Monday, February 3, 2014

The Banana Mille Feuille at Lady M

I love when people describe themselves going bananas over something.  It can be anything.  You can go bananas over bananas, and I'd love it.  I experienced a case of the bananas myself at Lady M just a couple weeks ago.

The Taiwan fortune teller from last year told me I would have lots of luck, and she was right, as I nabbed the last slice of the beautiful banana mille feuille.  It's a gorgeous structure featuring long slabs of banana wedged in between pastry cream, fluffy golden sponge cake, atop a crackly thin pastry shell.  I spent the afternoon gabbing with Carrie and balancing perfect bites of buttery pastry, smooth cream, and ripe banana.  Life's hard, right?

Carrie opted for the bakery's signature treat, the classic vanilla mille feuille, that's hand-cut to order with such precision.

Mille feuille means a thousand layers, and some may argue whether or not there's a thousand layers of crepes and cream, and who knows if you'd like it less if you only found 254 layers in total, because the dessert is still so airy and light and lovely.

Carrie wanted to make sure everyone noticed the delicate, feathery crepe edges at the end of the cake.  So please ogle and admire away !

Each time I've visited Lady M, it is full of ladies that love tea and dessert, and that's the right spot for me !  The pastries are so pretty, taste great, and make a great spot to warm up this winter with friends - especially after a visit to The Frick Collection!

41 E 78th St
New York, NY
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  1. thousands of layers... IN MY BELLY.

  2. Thanks for the heads-up about this place! I've been dying to have tea at the Pierre, but first I'll have tea and HUGE, FLUFFY CAKE here.