Saturday, February 8, 2014

District of Pi

Last weekend I visited Dan, who recently moved to DC to start a new gig. You know what that means! There will definitely be DC eats to explore and report. His apartment is - as fate would have it - a few blocks from District of Pi. Why fate? Because that means we get to eat pizza from our favorite St. Louis joint Pi all the time now! 

It is just as delicious as we remembered. The space is super trendy (hello, exposed brick) and HUGE. Check plus.

We started with the house salad. Light, good ratio of fixin's… there could have been a tad more dressing throughout, but maybe they wanted to make sure we saved our caloric intake for the pizza to come.

And then. The "western addition." Our go-to Pi masterpiece: mozzarella, spinach blended with ricotta and feta, mushrooms, onions, and garlic.

We love the deep-dish cornmeal crust. We love the heaping amount of ingredients - the fresh tomatoes… and the GARLIC. If you have a relationship with garlic, this is the pizza to get. No question.

Then it was time for dessert -- the apple pi.

Basically, it's apple pie made with their famous cornmeal crust, and served with salted caramel ice cream. The crumble on top was just the right kind of buttery and cinnamon-y. It was a great way to end our meal. My two minor complaints about it are a) it could have been served warmer (I prefer Hot to Kinda-warm), and b) the very bottom of the crust was impossible to cut through. If they manage to make those two changes, I'd be having the apple pi every day of the week!

So excited to visit DC more now and check out some mouth-watering spots.
Stay tuned!

910 F St NW
Washington, DC 20004
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