Thursday, October 3, 2013

Totally Pie Faced !

We recently were invited to attend a pie and prosecco party at Pie Face's newest location in Chelsea.  The upcoming opening of Pie Face's next location in Union Square will make 7 locations of the Australia-based pie shop in New York.

There's no question the company is banking on Americans' love for pies, and if I can represent any sort of model citizen, we do love pies !  So naturally, this party was a highlight of my week (and I'm going to say Jamie's too!).

The party introduced a few new fall sweet treats, including:

Chocolate dipped macaroons that were as big as my fist.

pecan pies with fat, candied pecans on top (fairly standard in taste),

And pumpkin cookies (to the left of the picture below) that taste like soft, pillowy pumpkin bread.  De-light-ful.

We also sampled a couple savories!  I love how the savory pies have pie face mouths that denote their filling!  (I am a serious sucker for obvious cuteness.)

If you eat the pie carefully enough, you can make it look like the pie has its mouth wide open! (It's hard to believe I'm my actual age sometimes.)

The "M" stands for minced meat, which is essentially a ground meat filling a la taco / sloppy joe style.  The minced meat pies were handed out free at all their NYC locations earlier this month (be sure to follow Pie Face on Twitter if you want to catch future free giveaways and check them out yourselves).

Jamie and my favorite was definitely the vegetable tandoori ("V").  Picking the vegetable option as a favorite doesn't happen often for me, but the deep rich, creamy filling, filled with potatoes and peas, was undeniably delicious.  I also loved how the pie to filling ratio wasn't overwhelming.  You get just enough buttery, flaky crust to satisfy but not overwhelm.

Later, we spun the prize wheel, and won a Stack - essentially a savory pie topped with buttery mashed potatoes, mashed peas and a rich gravy.  We tried the chunky beef, at the recommendation of a staff member.

It's definitely a decadent and filling meal!  The mashed potatoes were too buttery (I know this is usually said by no one ever), but when paired with the equally buttery crust, and the hearty beef filling, it was a little rich.  The bright green mashed peas did help lighten it up though, but not enough, and I'd probably opt to enjoy the pies all on their own next time.

To be honest, I'm not sure if I would've ever tried Pie Face before receiving this invite, but I really am glad I did !  The pies are surprisingly well-flavored, and fairly well priced for New York.  You can get three mini savory pies for under $6.

Coming in the fall, Pie Face will be debuting additional fall treats, like apple pies, fall-inspired beverages, and more.  Worth checking out if you're around any of their 7 locations that are all open 24 hours.  (Imagine freshly baked pies at 4 a.m.  You know you've thought about it before!)

Han's Nonsensical Rating: My face is already shaped like a pie, so liking this place just seems natural.  Definitely try the vegetable tandoori.  The pumpkin cookie is also a good light treat (it's essentially vegetables too, so consider it healthy!).

Pie Face
169 W 23rd St
New York, NY
(multiple locations)
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Please note: We were invited to attend the Pie Face party by the shop's PR team, but all opinions within are our own, and we were not obligated or compensated for this review.

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