Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Madison Square Eats ! Doughnuttery, TacoTown & Stuffed Artisan Cannolis


I have been swamped.  Life has been moving so fast, and in just another day, I leave for three weeks (! !!) for a long vacation in Southeast Asia - so you can only imagine the wonderful food photos I'll have in store for you next month !  Because...

Not only am I going to Southeast Asia...I'm meeting Diana in Taiwan ! Han + Diana + Night Markets.  Seriously.  Who knows what can happen?  (Besides us gaining lots of weight!)

But before I go.  Can I share with you long overdue photos of my tasty little discovery at Madison Square Eats called Doughnuttery?

They're usually found in Chelsea Market if you can't make it to Madison Square Eats, but either way, you'll definitely want to check them out sometime, JUST to watch the tiny baby donuts being made.  But also hopefully to eat them too!

Similar to the machine at The Daily Dozen in Seattle's Pike Place Market, the automated donut maker releases dough into a lazy river of hot oil.

The donuts glide along, getting flipped halfway to ensure both sides are a beautiful golden brown.

And then they cascade into a wired rack bin (though I would've much preferred just to put my mouth under there).  What a beautiful process !

Different than The Daily Dozen (which is plenty delicious in its own right), the Doughnuttery offers a variety of gourmet flavored and spiced sugars in which to toss the doughnuts.

We chose the cacaoboy for my chocolate-loving boytoy, and enjoyed the earthy combination of cacao nibs, chocolate cookie crumbs and mesquite.  It was rich but not too sweet.

I went with mulled apple cider, drawn to its description of green apple, fall spices and orange zest.  Naturally it tasted bright and fresh, and I sopped up every bit of the excess sugars at the bottom of the bag with the mini doughnuts.  I have a feeling you can't go wrong with any of the sugars, but I'll definitely be back for more to confirm that hunch (the things I do for you!).

In addition, we stopped by Delaney BBQ's stand to check out their taco offering.  I know what you think I got based on this picture.

And I know you'll question everything in life when you find out we got the brussel sprouts taco !  (Oh how I was staring down that fried chicken hard though !)

But it really was good.  Surprisingly.  Brussel sprouts ! In a taco ! The brussels were cooked perfectly - tender without a hint of bitterness.  And add in those picked red onions and dressing - dang, it made a nice (unguilty!) bite... make up for the two cannolis we had to get from Stuffed Artisan Cannolis.  Since I love them. And I never have any clue where to get them.  

Tried the peanut butter and the pumpkin this time.  The peanut butter was meh (again, I astound you!), but the pumpkin was light and lovely - crisp, not too sweet, and just a perfect way to round out your Madison Square meal.

Welp!  That's it !  Will post soon when I return from all the adventures !  Have a great fall !

Han's Nonsensical Rating: I'm nuts for Doughnuttery.  Pricey little buggers at 6 for $4 (especially when I can easily eat a dozen), but a cute, fun treat.

425 W 15th St New York, NY 10011

Delaney's TacoTown
Madison Square Eats @ Madison Square Park

Stuffed Artisan Cannolis