Thursday, May 10, 2012

Breakfast in Williamsburg: Aroma Bakery, Waffle & Wolf and Blue Stove

The more boring my work, the less I post on this blog.  You can safely assume I have been enduring my fair share of snooze-inducing tasks lately, but it's time to look at some tasty things Diana and I ate during her last know, to give me some motivation to live through yet another Excel spreadsheet.

We began our morning at Aroma Bakery, staring at their baked goods.  The fruit tarts look on point, and I need to nab one of those tres de leche cupcakes next time, because who knows what that could possibly mean, aside from potential divine deliciousness?

I had posted about Aroma Bakery before, with my own han-made over medium-cooked eggs, but this time we ate there, and apparently the bakery is unable to replicate such brilliant egg preparation on-site.  Sooo... Diana and I had to settle for scrambled eggs (#firstworldproblems), and I also sprung for sausage, because it's a breakfast sandwich, dammit.

The croissants were just as buttery and flaky as I remembered, and we savored every beautiful crumb.  The sandwich would have been perfect with a better cooked egg, but the sausage was fennelly, tasty, and totally worth the extra 100% saturated fat.

After we walked a handful of blocks to Waffle & Wolf, located further east in Williamsburg, near the Graham stop.

Diana and I had a sublime breakfast waffle in Portland (still remaining one of my favorite breakfast sandwiches of life), so we were most excited to check out this waffleshop serving up both sweet and savory waffle sandwiches.

The whole place is small and cute with great plant decor, courtesy of the owner's amazing Japanese florist friend.  Note to self: make some Japanese florist friends.  Diana and I were *thisclose* to sticking these beauties behind our ears.

Waffle & Wolf offers a variety of fillings and toppings, with options for things to be baked into the waffle or sandwiched.  For those less inclined to go the creative route, there is also a menu listing popular combinations.  Diana and I went lazy.  We ordered the #3:

Baked currants, roasted apples, walnuts and cinnamon cream cheese, muthaf******z.


This was a yummy, and dare I say, healthy-tasting snack, with firm, tart apples, plenty of crunchy, salty walnuts, and delectable cinnamon cream cheese.

The hot waffle, with baked-in currants was slightly crisp and soft.  Perfect !

I'd go back again to try a savory.  I'd imagine some fresh, melty mozzarella would taste great within the waffle folds.  Keep in mind that they enforce a 2 waffle limit during peak periods (no triple fisting allowed during lunch) and buckwheat options for vegany folk.  

Then because that breakfast was just a touch too healthful, Diana and I walked next door to Blue Stove to check out some pies.  (Because we were in the neighborhood.  Because we can!)

The Blue Stove's blue stove !

A variety of pies were avail, but this blackberry mousse gem seemed the most interesting.

And it was !  Each creamy bite was a tasty burst of summer.  Not too sweet, really light - just right!  Pies and waffles.  Perfect neighbors in Williamsburg!

And that's our breakfast trifecta !  'Till next time!

H & D

Aroma Bakery
475 Grand
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Waffle & Wolf
413 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Waffle and Wolf on Urbanspoon
Blue Stove
415 Graham Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
The Blue Stove on Urbanspoon


  1. Have I mentioned that you guys run the best food blog? I love reading about fancy tasting menus, but I LOVE reading about waffle sandwiches.

    In the third picture, I swear that croissant looks like a fat man with an open mouth, getting ready to devour his own egg and sausage belly.

    1. Thanks so much, Katie! The world needs more humanistic croissants :)

    2. <3. i wish every day was full of tasting menus and waffle sandwiches!

  2. That's a seriously good array of yummy, delicious food! Certainly, Brooklyn is home to a number great bakeries and some of the best tasting pastries you'll ever find!

  3. thanks for sharing.