Saturday, January 7, 2012

Top of the Hub

Every big city has one - a landmark skyscraper with a restaurant at the very top where you take your out-of-town friends and family. Some of them rotate (Dallas' Reunion Tower FTW), some do not. Boston's Top of the Hub in the Prudential Tower does not rotate, but the view is mighty fine. So when Dan visited me for the first time in Boston a couple of months ago, I decided he had to see it. We went for lunch, and the weather cooperated beautifully.

Some patrons enjoying lunch with their view:

Of course, I always pay attention to the bread. Theirs was a rosemary focaccia - nothing special.

Dan got the chicken artichoke flatbread.

Again, this was just okay - nothing more, nothing less than its name.

I ordered the Korean bbq pork sandwich.

I loved the look of my dish. It came with chips sprinkled with something like old bay seasoning in a paper cone (why can't I get enough of paper cones?!). The pork was tasty, topped with a softer, milder version of kimchi, and finished off with some mayo. The bun itself was grilled nicely... but then when I put it all together, it all became this sort of soggy, sloppy mess. I felt like there was liquid oozing everywhere.

I should know better than to complain about the food... you don't go to the Top of the Hub for food. You go for this:

Sun, sky, city, ocean... Sigh. I love Boston.

800 Boylston Street
Prudential Tower
Boston, MA 02199
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  1. Dude, the level of spices on the chips look unbelievable! <3 View is pretty spectacular too :)