Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chinese Food! Yogee

When I am not eating fried chicken, I find myself eating a lot of Asian food.  After growing quite the appetite on a city scavenger hunt (serenading strangers can really get the stomach rumbling), we headed to Yogee,  Jamie's favorite Chinese spot off Chrystie and Grand.  

The restaurant is known for their beef noodle dumpling soup; we ordered a large bowl of it and basked in its warmth, enjoying the hearty broth scented with star anise.

The egg noodles were bouncy, the dumplings particularly brainy looking and the chunks of beef were pretty fine.

The salted fish with chicken fried rice, was an exceptionally pungent affair, punctuated by the stinky little bits of supersalty fish.  Though the fried rice is borderline too oily (thank goodness for the huge complimentary pot of hot tea to cut through the grease), the dish is completely comforting, if not addictive, thanks to that damn salty odorous fish.  This is a dish you should eat when you do not plan to partake in any makeout sessions after (unless you're into that, which is cool by me).

Smell ya later!

85 Chrystie
New York, NY
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  1. i could use a big bowl of this right now!!

  2. The fried rice really looks great.

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  3. I used to go there for their affordable dishes as well. I enjoy their gai lan and the rice dishes come with so much rice!

  4. I really like the presentation. The food looks delicious.

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  6. Mmmm, yummy, Can't help but to try these savory Chinese food.