Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Pig Party & More Peels

I am an obsessive person.  It's the type of personality that enables someone to watch 4 seasons of Breaking Bad in 8 days or eat Japanese ramen three times in one week.  I gross myself out.  I gross you out too.  (I know.)

And so, last night I found myself again at Sa Aming Nayon (this time with my lovely pals Anne & Thanan), noshing on:

delectably crispy fried spinach (awesomely healthy chips AND complimentary!),


a'plentiful with chewy pig ears, snout and egg,

tender pork adobo, a richly allspiced dish reminiscent of Chinese cuisine, which captured Anne's heart,

and of course, grilled pork belly.  Salty, fatty, satisfying.

And then, of course,as if filling our burgeoning bellies with pig, in all its splendiferous parts and forms, was not enough, we decided to continue our porky party to Peels (because I am obsessed!  I can't stop thinking about that fried chicken!) -- but, this time, for dessert:

a tall slice of 3-in-1 pie (chocolate, banana and coconut - oh, my!), wonderfully light and smooth on a crunchy, buttery crust, with the trio of flavors melding together in a cool, creamy haze

and a ridiculously light round of tres leches cake, floating in a gorgeous pool of condensed milk (I would learn how to swim, if all pools were filled with this).  This is Thanan's new dessert obsession in life (though he likes to call it "three milks" because he is unrefined and annoying).

The best thing about the Peels desserts is that they are not that sweet, enabling you to eat the entire thing without guilt or need for sharing, and that's not a bad way to enjoy a little weekday indulgence.

Sa Aming Nayon
12th St & 1st Ave

325 Bowery, New York NY 10003
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  1. why is that pork so beautiful? why do i now crave spinach chips? gahhhh...

  2. I'll take a 3-in-1 pie, please!