Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Cure for the Chocolate Craving at Fabiane's

Once upon a time, I worked from home for four weeks.  One week, I caught a marathon of Top Chef: Just Desserts.  

Then I could not stop thinking about desserts.  I had to have them.  The cravings were insatiable.
After all that, I still could not kick those pregnant-ladyesque chocolate cravings!

So, I meandered into Fabiane's on Bedford at night (I was running errands!  I was vulnerable!) and got the cutest, chocolateyest thing I could find:

Behold, an entirely edible chocolate cup of chocolate mousse!

So adorable.  So beautiful.

I hacked into it with my eager spoon.

I can't tell if these images are too suggestive.  They make me feel dirty, but in a good way, so I put two in here.

Why yes, your eyes do espy an underground oasis of melted caramel in the center of a creamy chocolate mousse love nest!

Sorry for my creepy index finger in here.
This dynamite concoction was just what I needed.  Layers upon layers of chocolate, with a surprise crispy cake layer at the base, lightly flavored with orange.

I ate this alone in my room.
In my bed.
I am gross.
And it was great.


Fabiane's Cafe & Pastry
142 North 5th Street  New York, NY 11211
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  1. edible cups - those are the best!! so pretty :)

  2. Oh my gooooooood. I actually thought that little nubbin in the center looked like a nut at first and was like, "Meh," but knowing that it's caramel kills me.

    Actually, that's ridiculous of me to say. One little nut in the center of an edible cup is not going to make the whole thing meh for me. But you get the idea.

  3. This is sinfully indulgent and I want it.