Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sublime Doughnuts!

Upon arriving in Atlanta, what's the first thing we do? Head for some doughnuts, of COURSE. As Han said, we had been salivating over Sublime Doughnuts for quite some time. We had to go, and go we did.

Ah, the choices...

Look at what we ordered:

I know. We are ridiculous.

#1 for Han and Carrie was the orange dream star, which is filled with tangy vanilla cream cheese and topped with an orange glaze.

Pleasantly tart and fantastic. And hello, it's shaped like a star. What's not to like.

My favorite was the reese's peanut butter cup, which is pretty self-explanatory and has a dollop of peanut butter cream in the center. I love anything that's described as a dollop.

The peanut butter cream made this doughnut a winner. Thick, but not overwhelming, it was a great complement to the rest of the doughy delight.

We also really enjoyed the fresh strawberry 'n cream.

It's a yeast doughnut filled with vanilla cream cheese and fresh strawberries. The fresh strawberries were light and sweet (and quite pretty!) and made us feel better about eating a lot of doughnuts because hey, we were also eating fruit!

The A-town cream doughnut is topped with Belgian Callebault dark chocolate and filled with a yummy custard.

This one was also solid. It tasted just like any other Boston cream doughnut, but eating a letter made me feel instantly smarter.

Oh wait, I take my favorite back. THIS baby was my favorite: the s'mores doughnut.

A yeast doughnut, covered in chocolate and graham cracker crumbs, with the hole filled with toasted marshmallow. That toasted marshmallow was amaaazing, and I loved the layer of crunch on top of the chocolate.

We also ordered some cake doughnuts: the pumpkin and the red velvet.

Pretty sure you can tell which is which. I didn't think either of these was that memorable. The flavor was pretty good, but the cake itself was a tad dry.

Are you wondering about the rest of the doughnuts? Yeah, we ate them, too. We even went back 48 hours later to get more for the trip home.

All in all, Sublime Doughnuts lives up to its name! Let's be clear, it's no Voodoo (the king of yeasty doughnut perfection), but it's still super fun and tasty. A fantastic way to start our trip! Stay tuned for more ATL...

Sublime Doughnuts
535 10th St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
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  1. aw i love all those doughnuts <3. i've gone two weekends without doughnuts now? this post is a good sign that i need to remedy that! :)

  2. This place is SO close to campus (actually practically right on campus, and there's even a place that sells them on 5th street), but I've never gone. Like Han said, this post is obviously a sign that I need to remedy that. I think the pumpkin one looks pretty fantastic, but the strawberry flavor looks perfect for spring!

  3. Sweet Jesus! I have a blog called donuts4dinner, and I probably haven't eaten that many donuts in my whole lifetime. LUCKY!