Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Brooklyn Flea! Brooklyn Bangers & Lemon Poppy Dough-Nuts

I love NYC spring / summers where you can eat food cooked out in the open air every day !

My third day of outdoor food festivals/events to round out the weekend was of course my beloved Brooklyn Flea (I told you it was going to be my new ritual).

I kept it lowkey this time though with watermelon juice + Porchetta + two new items!

First Brooklyn Bangers who promises slammin' handmade sausages.  The menu features merguez, bratwurst and kielbasa sausages as well as a special of the day: rampwurst!  Oh ramps - the super trendy/chic green onion!

Too curious about the rampwurst, I had to have it.  It was topped with a slaw made of snap peas and ham chunks.

The $8 sausage was a hefty one, tremendously thick and fat and barely contained in a potato bun.

At first bite, the sausage was very good - super fresh, flavorful without feeling fatty, but boy (and I hate to admit this), this sucker was way too meaty for me!  I woulda been much happier if the sausage was half its 1 inch+ width.  After a few bites, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and couldn't finish more than half of this guy.  I would totally recommend trying these delicious sausages, but among some carnivorous comrades!

Notably, the potato bun did hold up to the sausage girth!

For dessert, I had 4 doughnut holes and one lemon poppy doughnut from Dough.  Their flavors were similar to their offering two weeks ago (hibiscus, cocoa nibs, chocolate with earl grey, coconut, dulce de leche with almonds, blood orange, etc.)  With the weightiness of the Porchetta + Banger, I figured lemon would be quite the delight.

Just as delicious as I remembered - the greasy but crispy outer shell of the doughnut was completely enveloped in a tart, lemony glaze spotted with poppy seeds.  Bright, soft and delightful!  It is a bit more on the tart side than sweet, so definitely takes a lemon fan to really appreciate it.  The dulce de leche is still my faves from them.

While glancing around at the other vendor tables, I noticed beautiful caneles from Social Eats offered in a few different flavors  (e.g., coffee, citrus) and two different sizes (i.e., small, large).  I grabbed a sample and found them slightly crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside, slightly buttery without being too sweet.  Reminded me of a dessert my mom makes!  Super cute - would make nice dessert bites for a group gettogether.

Here's also a picture of Table Tales' Sunday Gravy boats - just a huge sesame studded hot dog bun piled high with the delicious red, braised meat sauce.  Yummmehh!

This upcoming weekend, I think there are one or two new food festivals I will try to check out, but I will also try to do a proper meal or two (in the confines of four walls?!) to share with you soon!   :)

Happy Eating!

between N6th and N7th and Kent


  1. The Sunday Gravy boat looks awesome - reminds me of a meatball sub. I'd agree with you about the ramp sausage - looks tasty but also huge! Also I envy the selection of doughnut and canele offerings near you.

  2. okay that lemon poppy seed doughnut is like jumping off the page!! that is ridiculously awesome.

  3. So what's the crowd situation like down there? I went to a food truck rally at Grand Army Plaza this weekend, and it was INSANE! I'm talking close to two hours in line for souvlaki. I want that donut, though!

  4. yes - i saw that food truck event actually, but sensed it would be a zoo. the bklynflea smorgasburg event is insane (early is good/after 12/1 is so yuck), but i think the sunday flea is a bit more manageable. early is totally key as these events are getting too popular!