Sunday, January 18, 2015

One of New York's Best Brunches: Root & Bone

Whoops.  It's somehow almost February.  

I blame holidays.  Working in Buffalo.  And.  Good ol' laziness.

To be honest, I am not sure if anyone reads this anymore, which is sad.  Because no one will see the glory of the brunch at Root & Bone.

A few months after my initial enamoration with the restaurant, Diana and Greeshma came through New York, and we shared my current favorite fried chicken along with half of the rest of the brunch menu.

I am so glad we went.  It was even better than I had remembered.

One of the most amazing things we discovered is the beauty of the gooey cheesy corn bread.  It comes overflowing in this freakishly adorable cast iron skillet.

Each spoonful elicits moans of pleasure - tang from the buttermilk whip and cheddar and sweetened with fresh corn niblets - the result just creamy wonder.

The biscuits were remarkably improved since my first visit, golden and gorgeous,

with beautifully tender interior, perfect for sopping up that chicken au jus and toasted sesame seeds.

The winter citrus and melon salad was beautiful - chunks of grapefruit, orange and tangerine tossed with melon and snips of basil.  The acidity chosen carefully to cut

the fat from the awesomely tender bacon drizzled with maple syrup.  Thick, salty and sweet.  Delicious.

We shared a basket of fried chicken among the four of us which was plenty,

though the thighs remain the absolute best cut and would just recommend getting an entire basket of thighs if you could - such flavorful succulence with every bite !

We also checked out their desserts for your sake, and can confidently confirm that they are amazing.  The chocolate pecan pie is served warm, and is studded with huge pecans and just enough chocolatey goo to keep the whole pie together.

My hands-down favorite was the toffee pudding with its praline ice cream.  Just look at it.  It's swimming in caramel, the pudding is warm and melts in your mouth, and there's nothing else you can really want after this except a nap.

Han's Nonsensical Rating: One of my favoritest brunches ever in all of New York.  Just get everything and love yourself and the new food baby you'll conceive afterwards.

Root & Bone
200 East 3rd Street, New York, NY 10009



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