Saturday, September 13, 2014

happiness at caffebene

hello, there! many, MANY apologies for my long-time absence. with my wedding finally over, i am now able to indulge in all the delicious food i've been missing during my wedding diet (it was rough), and more importantly, able to share it with you!

the first thing i ate when i got back to boston after my nuptials was a huge chunk of BREAD (my favorite food group). namely, garlic and cheese honey bread at caffebene. this korean chain opened in boston only recently, and i'm so glad it's a stone's throw away from my apt!

because this:

the fluffiest bread with a slight honey sweetness, which becomes more noticeable on the bottom of the bread (which is nicely buttered), topped with cheese and garlic spread. and look at the the height on that thing - like texas toast on steroids. i was instantly in love.

a few days later we returned for the ginormous mango bingsoo... with the best ripe chunks of mango and a scoop of gelato on top. amazing, creamy gelato.

it's a lot bigger than it looks here. must be shared. i will be back for more. maybe tomorrow.

caffebene is a great place to eat happy foods and hang out with friends, or to plop down and study/work for the day. a welcome addition to my neighborhood. :)

boston folks, get yourselves to caffebene now! free wifi + all the best carbs = happy patrons.

333 massachusetts ave
boston, ma 02115
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  2. beautiful !!! amazing !!!! i want it in my belly !! ! !!