Sunday, September 23, 2012

Redbones BBQ

My favorite thing about work is my fellow junior associates, and my second favorite thing about work is all the food that we consume together. While the weather is not yet freezing, we've been trying out various food trucks around the financial district. This past week we ventured to Redbones BBQ. This Texan girl is in love. (Also, three cheers for a growing food truck community in Boston!)

The truck is hilarious - notice the happy baby that is seemingly being blast off into space. Notice also the ridiculously good looking stranger who smiled at my camera. I smell a new meme!

The line was the fastest moving line I've ever experience at a food truck. Major bonus points for folks on a tight schedule. At the end of the line, there is a plethora of sauces to either apply directly or put in little containers for the road. I like.

The food truck menu has all your classic bbq cravings. Kevin and I split a couple of sandwiches and sides. Here's the bbq hash sandwich + yams + mac 'n cheese.

This whole thing weighed like 10 pounds, and it was totally worth it. I absolutely loved it all - simple flavors and utterly non-pretentious food. The yams had a good balance of mush + chunks, and were cinnamon-y sweet and delightful. I took one bite and thought of Thanksgiving. Sigh. The simplicity of the mac caused Kevin to complain that it wasn't flavorful enough, but I found it to be just the kind of mac I love - reminiscent of my elementary school cafeteria... and I mean that as a compliment.

What is 'bbq hash,' you ask? I asked, too. It is "pulled pork, bbq beef, peppers, potatoes, and onions." Basically, it is awesome. Here's a closeup:

The pulled pork was equally amazing, if not better.

I slightly preferred the pulled pork sandwich, if only because it was sweeter than the bbq hash. The pork was super tender, and the sauce was smoky, vinegary-sweet perfection. Ymmmmm...

Fear not, vegetarians. Christine got the the portabello mushroom sandwich and declared it delicious.

The moral of this lunch story is to go to Redbones as fast as you can. On my list of things to get next time: R-I-B-S.

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  1. Ooooooh !

    LOVE food trucks, especially Southern ones ! Everything looks good, and I love the compartments :)

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