Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Hot Valentine's Date: Grom Hot Chocolate

This year, I found Valentine's Day a great excuse to completely indulge in a brilliant cup of chocolatey splendor.

Wandering around the West Village, I passed by Grom, with posters taped in the windows urging pedestrians to take the chill off inside with a cup of hot chocolate.  Though today was not particularly chilly, a cup of hot chocolate sounded mighty fine.

Grom serves a couple of hot chocolate options with fancy Italian words: cioccolata calda fondente is made with dark Venezuelan chocolate, fresh whole milk, cocoa powder, and cane sugar.  Cioccolata calda bacio uses gianduja cream, made with hazelnuts.  I opted for the cioccolata calda fondente to keep things pure and simple.  Medium (more than sufficient cocoa shock).  The server will then ask if you want whipped cream.

You will want the whipped cream.  

The whipped cream, scooped with a flat metal spoon and eased onto the glistening surface, is nothing short of magnificent.  Grom utilizes special machinery to whip cream within a metal container, reducing the amount of air incorporated.  The result is absolute, luscious heaven.

Though rich and resplendently thick, the hot chocolate remains drinkable, best savored slowly, alongside spoonfuls of the beautiful, almost buttery whipped cream.  

The hot chocolates I adore in the city are few, but Grom's may be among the best of them.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone !


233 Bleecker
New York, NY
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  1. why does this remind me of the salty pimp? oh, maybe because i can't stop thinking about it!! gahhhhh... :)