Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kelvin's Ginger Mango Slush

Soooo sorry for the silence.  It appears I left for a weeklong trip to California and forgot to tell you!  This past week, Greeshma and I drove from Los Angeles, made a pitstop in Carmel and spent a couple of nights in San Francisco.  It was a great trip full of beautiful sights and wonderful eats.

Unfortunately, my bad luck in San Francisco continued, as my last trip there with Carrie resulted in me dropping my Canon camera, lens out on the subway floor.  This trip fared no better, and my S95 also has the dreaded Lens Error.  :(  I have a lovely backlog of eats to post though in addition to what I did manage to capture in CA, so hopefully I will have another cam up and running soon.

In the meantime, here are some pics of a refreshing beverage I had from the Kelvin Natural Slush Co., a truck specializing in naturally flavored ice slushes.

The truck was stationed near Trader Joe's in Union Square and offered three types of ice slush bases: ginger, citrus and tea.  You pick the base as well as a real pureed fruit flavor like raspberry, pink guava, white peach, mixed berry, among others.

A peek into the sleek, stainless steel interior of the Kelvin truck.

The medium ginger slush with mango.

This slush was a beautifully refreshing treat on this particularly sweltering New York afternoon.  The ginger flavoring was light, the slush completely fine and smooth.  And the mango puree!  Oh, a gorgeous golden burst of summer in your mouth.

These bright icy beverages just might be my new favorite summer treat!

Love me a good pun!

Locate the truck nearest you via their website or Twitter
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  1. gahhhh pink guava?!?! must have. perfect for summer!!

  2. wait. your camera doesn't work?! man, san fran is BAD NEWS!! so sad... :(

  3. Sounds delicious - I think I'd go for a raspberry and citrus concoction!