Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sushi Sake: Freshness at its Best

Sushi Sake is a gem of a Japanese restaurant tucked away in the good ol' Dallas suburb of Richardson, TX. My family has been coming here since I was little, but I feel like each time we go it gets better and better. The appetites of Dallas have noticed, because when we came here on a Tuesday evening at 6p, it was packed after only a few minutes of sitting down.

First of all, the atmosphere is beautiful. The wait staff wears adorable kimono-like outfits. I also love the open spaces and the no-back Japanese-style seating. (Although some people, like my mother, will complain that they need more back support when eating.)

The pickled cucumber amuse-bouche was delightful.

My favorite thing at Sushi Sake is their green mussel, so that was a no-brainer part of our order. We supplemented with unagi rolls and salmon skin hand rolls. Here's our spread:

You are probably salivating right now. It's okay, I am, too.

Some close-ups of my beloved green mussel:

It's basically chopped up mussel with scallions and some insanely delicious cream, all topped with masago and served hot in the mussel shell. This dish is always so fresh and the blend of flavors is perfection.

My mom's favorite is the salmon skin hand roll, and here's a look inside.

I love that they include more than just the skin, so there's a healthy bit of salmon in the roll. As with all rolls they serve, the rice is super soft and fresh.

The unagi maki roll is definitely a top-3 roll of life.

So simple, yet every ingredient is outta this world.

We also tried something new to us - ginger pork.

The gingery sauce was wooonderful, and the pork was very tender. The most surprising thing about this dish is that it comes with these grilled vegetables that were indescribably good. Grilled vegetables are often an afterthought, but you could tell that there was love and effort put into these veggies.

We ended our meal with one of the best ways to end a meal - mochi ice cream!

We ordered two flavors of mochi ice cream - green tea and mango, and both were incredible. The ice cream was so smooth, not too sweet, and the mochi texture was soft but springy, just as it should be.

Our meal at Sushi Sake was one of the best meals I've had in a long time, and I will be sure to return soon. Hope to see you there - it'll rock your world, too!

Sushi Sake
2150 N. Collins Blvd.
Richardson, TX 75080
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  1. i have not tried ANY of these items from sushi sake ! i am SO CURIOUS about that green mussel dish !!!!